Worldwide Big Game Hunting

Our staff has spent thousands of hours in research and field study handpicking a group of outfitters that we believe to be the best in the world. We have gone the extra mile to make sure our clients only experience the best in any given area. You trust your legal matters to an attorney, your health to a doctor, and your tax matters to a CPA. Why would you trust your hard earned discretionary income to anyone other than the Adventure Unlimited team? Our belief here is that you leisure time deserves the same quality professional assistance and attention to detail that your business warrants.


For most people a big game hunt in Alaska is a hunt of a lifetime and involves a great deal of planning. It is out hope that this information will aid you in your decision to hunt with on of Adventure Unlimited Inc.’s top registered guide services- Alaska Trophy Hunting and Fishing with Mel Gillis, and Katmai Guide Service with Joe Klutsch. In our most sincere opinion, going on trip with anyone else will result in just a really expensive camping trip, not a successful trophy hunt. The Alaska Peninsula is habitat for abundance of fish and game. It is truly a sportsman’s paradise. Because of its remote location, this region of the world has dynamic ecologies that produce a myriad of wildlife populations. We offer only the premier fully guided fly-in hunting and fishing trips with emphasis placed on a very selective harvesting of mature trophy animals.

Accommodations & Pricing
Brown Bear – Brown Bear populations on the Alaska Peninsula are at all time population highs. These animals are, nevertheless, one of the most challenging big game species in the world to hunt. We are hunting in very remote wilderness areas on a scale that does not exist in the lower 48 states. Hunts start at $15,000 for 7-10 day hunts.

Moose – Because of good habitat and strict trophy selection, our hunters consistently produce Moose in the 55 to 70 inch range with a few going even larger. Hunting Caribou in combination with Moose makes for a great experience. Hunts start at $12,800.

Caribou – One of the most affordable and beautiful big game animals on the American continent. Long seasons and great hunting areas afford a wonderful opportunity to experience the pleasur of hunting these animals. August 10th to November 1st. 6 day hunts- $3950 (2 X 1), $4950 (1 X 1)


Texas Whitetails – Serious hunters know that nothing compares to a hunt in South Texas. We arrange hunts on some of the most famous Texas ranches, many of which are never hunted by anyone but Adventure Unlimited clientele. In the past few years, our clients have taken numerous contest winners as well as bucks scoring over 170 B&C. Our management buck hunts are better than most of our competitor’s trophy hunts and out trophy hunts will absolutely blow you away. Come see for yourself why everything is bigger in Texas. Call for pricing and availability.

Exotic Hunts – From the South Texas brush country to the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, exotic game in Texas is thriving. We work with some of the largest ranches in Texas that provide trophy species of game not available anywhere else in the world, in some cases not even in the original country of origin. Daily rates usually range from $300 to $500 per day, and then a trophy fee is charged per animal hunted.

Priced Upon Reqest

  • Dama Gazelle
  • Hog Deer
  • Ibex (American/Nubian/Persian)
  • Red Sheep
  • Impala
  • Kudu
  • Muntjac
  • Nilgai Antelope
  • Sable Antelope
  • Springbok
  • Watusi
  • Wildebeest
  • Yak
  • Zebra