The Adventure Unlimited team has spent a great deal of time and efforts to select what we feel are some truly outstanding wing shooting opportunities around the world. Whether you are interested in hot-barreled Dove hunt in Bolivia or Argentina, fantastic ducks in Mexico, driven birds in Europe or Pheasant, quail and geese closer to home: you have come to the right place for planning that trip of a lifetime.

We have tried to cover as many aspects of wing shooting as possible in the limited space available here, but there are hundreds of other options available to you. If you do not find something here that appeals to your interests just give us a call and we will custom tailor a trip especially for you.


Hunt Ptarmigan over labs and fish the Alaskan Peninsula for Rainbows, Silver Salmon, char and Steelhead. Ptarmigan gather into huge flocks in preparation for the Arctic winter and make for some great wing shooting action.

Accommodations & Pricing

  • 7 day hunts September 1 to October 20- $3995


Adventure Unlimited now boasts an incredible four different lodges in Argentina to allow our clients to experience some of the finest wing shooting in the world. You can look far and wide and you will never find a place that can compare with the volume of birds, variety of species, and value for your money.

Accommodations & Pricing

Dove Hunting
Some of the highest volume Dove hunting in the world, at the best prices in all of South America. This is the best dove-hunting package you will ever find and it is available all year long. We have two lodges available accommodating 6 to 20 hunters. Dove hunting is year round, and we will guarantee you the opportunity to shoot at least 1000 shells per day if you are up to the pounding. Many of hunters have shot over 1000 dove in a single day. The current record is 4192 dove with 5800 shells in a day.

  • 3 full days of the best High volume shooting (½ day, 2 full, ½ day)
  • Five or more hunters- $950
  • Less than five hunters- $1100

Duck Hunting
Our lodge is located south of Santiago del Estero province, near the border with Cordoba. We have great decoys, blinds, boats, retrievers, callers, and everything else you need to provide you with the best duck hunt of your life. We have many lakes so you will never repeat the hunting areas. We also have the only authorized game preserve in the whole province of Cordoba.

Species of ducks include Chiloe Widgeon, Red Shoveler, Rosey Billed Pochard, Yellow Billed Pintail, White Cheeked Pintail, Fluvous Tree Duck, White Faced Tree Duck, Brazilian Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Silver Teal, Ringed Teal and Speckled Teal. The season runs from April 1st to August 31st. $550 per person per day

Pigeon Hunts
Decoyed pigeon hunting is rapidly becoming our most popular wing shooting experience. The hunting is carried out from perfectly hidden blinds and with realistic decoys so the pigeons will come into range. Once the shooting starts we guarantee you will witness some of the most astonishing aerobatics in the world. As birds are taken they are added to the decoy spread. If you have never participated in a pigeon hunt then you are really missing out.

Accommodation for this hunt is in a luxurious hotel or one of our lodges. The usual shooting per hunter is around 200 to 350 pigeons. This trip is easily combined with our dove hunting and is available year round. $600 per person, per day


Adventure Unlimited and our operators offer the most dependable service oriented, high volume dove and pigeon shooting in South America. In the heart of the game-rich Gran Chaco area of Bolivia, our lodge is the perfect gateway when in pursuit of your long dreamed high volume hunt. The 5-star lodge was built to offer great comfort and luxury to meet the demands of the international wing shooter. The lodge facilities include four bungalow, each containing 2 fully air conditioned double rooms. The bungalows are separated from the reception and dining areas by exquisite gardens and a large swimming pool.

With several bird colonies, each averaging millions of birds, located within 1 hour form the lodge, it gives us the opportunity to delight out hunting friends with unlimited shooting action over flyways, feeding grounds, and water holes. In the low land farming district of the state of Santa Cruz, Totakis fly consistently all day long allowing you to fire many shells as you want. And with convenient daily non-stop flights from Miami via American and Lloyd Airlines, you will be on the ground in Bolivia in just 6 ½ hours. The hunting season is from April 15th to November 30th.

Accommodations & Pricing

  • 3 Day Dove Hunt $ 2,000.-
  • 4 Day Dove Hunt $ 2,500.-
  • Extra days $ 500.-

Includes Charter Flights if flying to the lodge, doesn’t include charter flights if choose to fly out every day from the city to shoot.

  • 4 Day Pigeon Hunt $ 3,000 April to August
  • 4 Day Pigeon Hun $ 3,250 September / October
  • Extra Days $ 750.-

Includes Charter Flights


  • 2 Day Fishing 2 Day Dove Shooting $ 3,500.-
  • 2 Day Fishing 2 Day Pigeon Shooting $ 3,750.-

Includes Charter Flights

All packages include guides, licenses, hunting, first class meals, liquor, drinks, services, and one night in 5 star Hotel Los Tajibos on your last evening of trip. Not included are shotgun shells $ 10 per box, bird boy tips $ 15 per day, Tips to the staff, extra excursions, personal items, airport departure tax, Visas, and international airfare.


Pheasant and More – Idaho with an Orvis Endorsed Lodge

Walk the timbered ridges and brushy draws of the canyonsides where elusive ruffed and blue grouse await the adventurous wing shooter.Find yourself in the upland pastures, where a good mix of pheasant, Hungarianpartridge, and quail challenge your shooting abilities. Your guide may have youpursuing chukar on the open slopes and rocky hillsides of the Ranch, orscouring the valley floor for abundant pheasant, and large coveys of Huns. Hunting options from August 15thto April 15th

Accommodations & Pricing

  • 3 Days-4 Nights- Wednesday Arrival- $3900
  • 3 Days-4 Nights- Saturday Arrival- $3600
  • 2 Days-3 Nights- Saturday Arrival- $2400
  • 3 Days-4 Nights- Castand Blast- $2900


We searched out the hotspots for wing shooting in Mexico. The picks at Adventures Unlimited are Hacienda Las Palmas in Eastern Mexico and Sinalopato Duck and Dove Club in Western Mexico.

Hacienda Las Palmas- Eastern Mexico

For some the allure of hunting in Old Mexico just can’t be beat. Located in the state of Tamaulipas, the Hacienda Las Palmas is an oasis of pleasure in a land filled with a variety of bird hunting options. They offer Quail Hunting over dogs, Duck Hunting on the lake and Whitewing/Mourning Dove Hunts, or any combo of the above.

Quail Hunting
The surrounding countryside holds some of the largest concentrations of purely wild bobwhite quail in the world. The Hacienda conducts traditional walk-up quail hunts behind pointers on fence rows, tree and brush lines and in grain fields. Our dog handlers have extensive experience hunting quail in Mexico.

Dove Hunting
The Hacienda offers Whitewing and Mourning Dove hunting from late August through October. Dove shooting is nothing short of spectacular. Thousands of acres of sunflower, corn and sorghum fields are close to the lodge. Extensive pre-hunt scouting keeps driving times to the shooting areas to a minimum.

Duck Hunting
The Hacienda also offers quality Duck hunts on Lake Guerrero. Species available are Pintails, Widgeons, Mottled Ducks, Gadwalls, Green Wing Teal, Blue Wing Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Black Bellied Tree Ducks and Bluebills. The game is abundant and the limits are liberal.

Combination Trips
Let us customize a combo hunt just for your group. You can hunt Ducks or Quail in the morning, Quail or Dove in the afternoon and even get in an outing or two of Bass Fishing on the fabulous Lake Guerrero.

Sinalopato Duck and Dove Club- Western Mexico

The Sinalopato Duck and Dove Club is the other premier duck and dove hunting outfitter in Mexico. We offer a five month season for all birds including white-winged dove. Our operation is based in Los Mochis. The club has been established for 18 years, guiding and outfitting duck and dove hunters who come to bag the Pacific Flyway ducks and the abundant flocks of white wing, mourning dove, and rock pigeon that thrive on the intensive Sinaloa farming land.

Our Duck club operates the biggest marshes in Sinaloa and Sonora. We have more than 150 blinds. To operate these 70,000 acres of marshland we have several airboats. Ducks to be hunted are: pintail, widgeon, gadwall, cinnamon teal, green winged teal, blue winged teal, pichiguila (Mexican tree duck), canvas back, red heads, mallard, black-bellied tree duck, Mexican duck and shoveler.

White wing, mourning dove and blue rock pigeons are so thick on the farmland around Los Mochis that our farmers consider them a pest. Most of the fields are twenty to thirty minutes from the Plaza Inn Hotel. A hunter should expect to shoot at least eight boxes of shells on each dove hunt.

Accommodations & Pricing

Hacienda Las Palmas

Whitewing Dove

  • 4 nights, 3 days hunting- $2250 August through October
  • 3 nights, 2 days hunting- $1850


  • 4 nights, 3 days hunting- $2800 November through February
  • 3 nights, 2 days hunting- $2200

Combo Quail/Dove/Duck

  • 4 nights, 3 days hunting- $2800 December through February
  • 3 nights, 2 days hunting- $2200

Combo Hunting/Fishing

  • 4 nights/3 days/6 outings- $2200 November through February
  • 3 nights/2 days/4 outings- $1825

Sinalopato Duck and Dove Club

Ducks and Doves

  • 3 Nights/2 Days at Sinalopato Duck Club plus 2 dove hunts- $1795
  • 4 Nights/3 Days at Sinalopato Duck Club plus 3 dove hunts- $2495
  • Extra Days- $650
  • Daily Duck Limit- 25
  • Daily Dove Limit- 120

Dove Hunting Only

  • 3 Nights/2 Full Days of hunting- $1495
  • 4 Nights/3 Full Days of hunting- $1975
  • Season- October 15th to March 15th


No other place in the world offers you the quantity of pigeons as found in the northern state of Boqueron in Paraguay. It is home to several Mennonite communities that settled in the area more than 60 years ago. These industrious people turned the semi arid jungle into productive farming grounds that today attract enormous quantities of Picazuro Pigeons, Columba Picazuro and Spot-winged Columba Maculosa: as well as the ever present Eared Dove. These birds thrive in the vast peanut, sesame, and sorghum fields harvested here from March to June.

Paraguay is not only the world’s most dependable destination for high volume pigeon hunts, but is the only destination that offers high volume dove and pigeon species in the same fields by the millions. One can easily fire over a case of shells per day. The average for the last 7 years is around 525 shells per day. You can hunt the pigeons in the morning and in the afternoon and the doves all day long. If you are a well-traveled wing shooter who believes you have seen it all then let us show you Paraguay. You will be overwhelmed.

Adventures Unlimited, Inc. has a very exclusive partnership with the operators of Boqueron Lodge. The lodge offers nice and convenient air-conditioned double and single room accommodations with private baths, home-style meals and bar services in the adjacent lounge. Through a joint venture with the Neuland CO-Op we have turned Boquestron Lodge into the only exclusive pigeon-hunting lodge in Paraguay. Once you sample the fast and very sporty shooting action of these acrobatic and elusive pigeons, which are 3 times larger than a dove, you will only want to go after pigeons, leaving some of the best dove shooting in the world as a second choice.

Accommodations & Pricing

4 full days of hunting, 6 days/5 nights- $2900


Hunt for Dove and Quail in South Texas! A true hunting paradise; most experts agree that the volume of dove in Texas and the wild quail crops are both the best the United States has to offer.

Accommodations & Pricing

Convenient daily flights from all areas of the country make this an easy quick-getaway destination- $500-$1500