Hunts Available

Elephant Hunt- importable into the US starting at $42,750 including trophy fee

Monster Leopard- 14 day hunt starting at $14,000

Zambia Cape Buffalo- 7 day hunt starting at $6,500

Zambia Hippo & Croc- 5 day safari starting at $4,950

Leopard, Buffalo, Hippo, Croc Special- 14 days for 2 hunters with 1 PH starting at $13,475 each

Hippo Control Hunt- 7 days x 7 hippo for $15,000 including trophy fees

Bongo Hunts- starting at $36,500

Lord Derby Eland Hunts- starting at $34,500

Trophy fees not included in the above pricing (unless stated otherwise) and are payable at the end of the safari.