Safaris by Country

There are more hunting opportunities in Africa today than ever before. The African continent represents the best value for money in the entire hunting world with many safaris today costing less than a hunt in the US. Africa has historically been classified into three major hunting regions: East, Central and Southern Africa.


Present day Benin was the site of Dahomey, a prominent West African kingdom that rose in the 15th century. The territory became a French Colony in 1872 and achieved independence on 1 August 1960, as the Republic of Benin.


Roughly the size of Texas, but with only 1.7 million people, Botswana is located in the heart of southern Africa. Its three primary geographic regions include the arid Kalahari Desert, the land-locked Okavango Delta with its amazing wildlife species, and the bush rich Chobe region famous for its big trophy elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, lion […]

Burkino Faso

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The central African country of Cameroon supports a wide variety and abundance of trophy animals available to discriminating sportsman. The safari hunting in Cameroon is generally classified by the two prominent habitats- the woodland savannah and the equatorial rain forest.

Central African Republic

The Central African Republic, formerly known as Oubangui Chari, lies in the heart of Africa right on the Equator. The C.A.R. offers a wide variety of species, including the much sought after Bongo and Giant Eland (also known as the Lord Derby Eland). Our safaris cater to the trophy hunter and collector who wants to […]


The north eastern African country of Ethiopia offers serious African hunters and sportsmen the opportunity to collect some of the most unusual and exotic species found in Africa today. Most of Ethiopia’s hunting areas lie around the outer edges of the Abyssian Plateau. Game species outside this region are similar to other species found in […]


Mozambique, or Portuguese East Africa as it was once referred to, was a very popular safari destination for hunters seeking the classic big game hunting safaris prior to the 1970’s. Although it was not as popular as countries like Tanzania and Kenya, the big game safari outfitting industry really only reached Mozambique in the late […]


Hunting Namibia is one of the most exciting safaris in Southwest Africa. Once the German colony of Southwest Africa, Namibia is a paradise for plains game hunters and dangerous game hunters alike. Low safari fees, and organized outfitters make this a great destination for both the first time African hunter and the seasoned pro. The […]

South Africa

South Africa is an excellent choice for a starter safari or for the veteran finishing his Big 5 with a Rhino and is the most popular safari hunting destination in Africa. With its ease of travel, well-developed infrastructure, luxury safari camps and wide variety of hunting options it is an ideal destination for everyone, including […]


Tanzania hunting is a top attraction in East Africa. This safari hunting country is where legendary white hunters such as Frederick Courney Selous, Karamojo Bell, Ernest Hemmingway and Robert Ruark became famous. Even modern day safari legends like Danny McCallum, Robin Hurt, Mike Bartlett, Boetie Bothma, Pen DeVries and Gerard Miller are still guiding the […]


The colonial boundaries created by Britain to delimit Uganda grouped together a wide range of ethnic groups with different political systems and cultures. These differences prevented the establishment of a working political community after independence was achieved in 1962. The dictatorial regime of Idi AMIN (1971-79) was responsible for the deaths of some 300,000 opponents; […]


Zambia is one of the finest, if not the best, dangerous game hunting grounds in Africa.  There are 18 National Parks covering over 14 million acres, and hunting concessions totaling in excess of 34 million acres.  A third of the entire country is set aside to wildlife, which means it is an African safari paradise. […]


For the last 25 years Zimbabwe has been the most popular destination in Africa for dangerous game safaris. It has always stood out among the other popular African countries because it offers the best value for the money. Over 30 species of game roam the Zambezi Valley concessions, the famous Matetsi safari areas and the […]