Safaris by Animal

This is the safaris by animal introduction.

Cape Buffalo

The most notorious of the Big Five, African Cape Buffalo hunting is regarded by many as the toughest, fiercest and most dangerous game animal in Africa when wounded. It is by far the most sought after of the dangerous game species.


For over a decade Adventure Unlimited has specialized in offering Elephant hunting safaris in the prime blocks of the best elephant regions in Africa. And in that short time we have become known not only as one of, but perhaps the best elephant hunting specialist company in this entire industry.


There are professional hunters in Africa who hunt for leopard each year, and then there are the select few professional hunters who take big leopards.  The difference in the two is huge. The first hunts all species of game available on license and in the course of a season may do two or three leopard […]


The Lion.  The King of the Beasts.  The most dangerous predator in Africa. There is no doubt that the African lion is by far the most highly regarded and sought after trophy in Africa.  And a trophy lion, whether it be blond or black maned, is the most difficult trophy a hunter can seek today. Adventure Unlimited […]

Plains Game Species

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