With our corporate office located right in heart of one of the best fisheries on the Gulf Coast of Texas, it only goes to figure that all of us here at Adventure Unlimited, Inc. are  die-hard fishermen.  We grew up fishing here at home with our dads, and expanded our horizons to exotic angling destinations all over the world.

We have personally fished North America from Florida to Alaska, fished South America from Argentina to Bolivia, and fished Central America and the Caribbean.  Remember that old saying about 10% of the fisherman catching 90% of all the fish. Well our fishing guides around the world are in the top 1% of that 10% expert group.  Let us put you in the best areas, on the best trips, in the best boats and with the best guides and captains.  From Rainbow Trout to Giant Marlin, Adventure Unlimited delivers.


Baranof Lodge The un-pressured waters around the lodge offer the most abundant and diverse salt and freshwater fishing available in Alaska. There are dozens of spectacular bays, estuaries, fishing streams and lakes within a short boat ride or hike from our lodge offer premier angling. You may choose your fishing experience each day, from freshwater to saltwater, stream or lake, light tackle spinning, or flies.  There is a wide variety of species to choose from, possibilities include: King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Dolly Varden, Cutthroat Trout and Rainbow Trout, giant Halibut, and many varieties of Rockfish.

Sandy River Lodge offers the very best remote fishing in the state of Alaska. Our fishing trips are on the Alaskan Peninsula, known for its trophy size fish. Our lodge, located in Bristol Bay, is comfortable and well equipped. Once in camp, 2 fishermen will be guided by one of Alaska’s best, licensed, professional guides.

Transportation on the river is provided by 16 feet jet powered riverboats. There is a limit of six fishermen per week. This is truly Alaska wilderness fishing in remote, unpopulated areas. Outstanding wildlife, nature photography, and beachcombing opportunities are always present.

Accommodations & Pricing

Baranof Lodge

  • Lodge- May to October
  • 5 ½ days, 5 nights- $3750
  • 7 days, 7 nights- $4150
  • King Salmon Specials- $2950 May – June 15
  • Silver Salmon Specials- $2950 September 8 – October

Sandy River Lodge

  • Base camps- June to September
  • 5 ½ days, 5 nights- $2995
  • 7 days, 7 nights- $3295
  • Steelhead- April/May
  • King Salmon, Red Salmon- June/July
  • Silver Salmon, Char- September
  • Steelhead, Char, Rainbow- October

All trips are 7 days- $3995


The Bolivian Peacock Bass fishing adventures we offer are something different and unique because of the magnitude of their fishing potential and the pristine environment in which the action takes place.  In Bolivia we do not have the monsters of the Orinoco River in Colombia, but we do have advantages not found there or in Brazil.  In Bolivia you can land fish from 2-8 pounds non-stop via conventional tackle or on the fly rod.

Some of our more experienced anglers have landed up to 160 fish per day.  On top of that, we have a great variety of species that will strike artificial lures like Payara, Pacu, Sardinata, Pirana and several kinds of catfish.

Our base of operations are two Swiss-owned inns, one in Santa Ana de Yacuma for lake fishing in the savanna area of the state of Beni, and the others in Magdalena, with access to the savanna lakes as well as jungle lakes and to the San Simon, San Martin and Itienes rivers.

When we talk about jungle lakes or rivers flowing through the jungle, we mean 100% wild and virgin jungle in which besides fishing you will have the opportunity to see all kinds of wildlife.  The lakes in the savanna area offer larger fish but the environment is covered by savanna and open country and not by dense tropical jungle. These lakes offer mostly peacock bass fishing and the fishing is great, you can count on landing 50 fish per rod per day and days with 100 fish or more are common, while when fishing the Jungle Rivers and lakes you do not know what will come out at the end of your line.

Accommodations & Pricing

  • 2 Day Peacock Bass fishing $ 1,600.-
  • 3 Day Peacock Bass Fishing $ 1,800.-
  • 4 Day Peacock Bass Fishing $ 2,000.-

Note Charter flights not included on fishing packages ( US $ 2,000, to be divided equailly in a 4 passenger single engine)


  • 2 Day Fishing  2 Day Dove Shooting $ 3,500.-
  • 2 Day Fishing 2 Day Pigeon Shooting $ 3,750.-

Includes Charter Flights

All packages include guides, licenses, hunting, first class meals, liquor, drinks, services, and one night in 5 star Hotel Los Tajibos on your last evening of trip. Not included are shotgun shells $ 10 per box,  bird boy tips $ 15 per day,  Tips to the staff, extra excursions, personal items, airport departure tax, Visas, and international airfare.


The peacock bass is a born ambusher and one of the most ferocious freshwater fish you’ll find anywhere. They snap 30-lb. monofilament like thread, straighten saltwater hooks, mangle lures and send rods home in small pieces. They hit most lures at the surface with explosive force. If you enjoy fishing and are ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure fishing for the ferocious peacock bass, let Adventure Unlimited put you up with the finest operations on the Amazon.

Accommodations & Pricing

  • The AmazonQueen
    An 85-foot, three-story floating hotel with all of the comforts of home. The Queen provides our guests with access to the best peacock bass fisheries in the world. You’ll live on the Queen during your whole trip, departing each morning by Nitro boat with a guide and fishing partner. This floating hotel offers comfort, convenience and privacy for up to 16 passengers.
  • Rio Negro Lodge
    Adventure Unlimited, Inc. also offers our client’s access to the distinguished Rio Negro Lodge. Anglers who choose to use the Rio Negro as a home base depart each morning by Nitro boat or floatplane and return each night for rest and relaxation. The lodge was designed to epitomize luxury for up to 36 guests. The lodge serves as a hub for fine dining and fellowship while the private cabins form spokes for solitude. The cabins feature air conditioning, queen-sized beds, and private baths with hot water, walk-in showers, a sitting area and a covered porch. Guests enjoy resort-level amenities like daily laundry service, a private beach and fine dining.
  • Rio Araca Lodge
    Our newest destination for is the Rio Aracá Lodge. Numerous fishing fly-outs to the area demonstrated that this was a fishery with great potential. It was located in such a remote area that it could only be reached by plane for day trips. With this in mind, the Rio Araca Lodge was born. Rio Aracá Lodge will house up to 12 anglers per week. Anglers will go out to fish every day on Tracker 165 boats. Upon their return they will enjoy fully air-conditioned, deluxe accommodations with six private suites, each with their own private bathroom and two queen beds. There will be a dining room for fabulous meals that are carefully prepared and served by the friendly staff.6 Days of Fishing at any of the 3 destinations- Season mid September thru March- $4950.

British Columbia

Tour British Columbia with Dirty Harry. Here is the chance you have been waiting for. Now you can fish the world famous fishing grounds around Campbell River, British Columbia for Coho, spring (King) Salmon and Steelhead. The shallow waters of the Inside Passage host literally thousands of Salmon each year as they return to spawn. And Dirty Harry is the ultimate guide. If we had to pick one individual as being the most entertaining fishing guide in the world, it would be Dirty Harry McDonald.

Accommodations & Prices

His trips, which you will love, begin at $650 per day


The hottest bass lake in the world might be Lake Huites, located on Mexico’s West Coast. Huites is a 30,000-acre man-made reservoir that had been initially stocked with Florida strain largemouth bass fingerlings to jump-start the fishery. These bass have taken a liking to the mountainous climate, long growing season and an abundant, protein-rich diet of tilapia and shad. They are growing at an obscene rate. When conditions are right, skilled anglers are catching in excess of 75 bass a day and 10 pound plus trophies are being caught with great regularity.

Whether you’re interested in a three day fishing package with your best fishing buddy, or a corporate retreat for 20 coworkers for a week, Lake Huites Lodge is the ideal choice for your next Mexico bass angling adventure.

Accommodations & Pricing

5 days/4 nights/3 days of fishing- $1195 September through June.

  • Combo Dove Hunting and Bass fishing trips
  • Old Mexico Trophy Bass fishing and Dove Hunting- This is our Corporate Pick
  • This is Old Mexico at its finest; beautiful scenic lodges, Margaritas, Mexican food, and some extreme bass fishing and dove hunting.
  • 4 nights/3 days of Classic Mexican Dove hunting- $1195
  • 7 nights/6 days of Cast and Blast- 3 days fishing and 3 days hunting- $2350


The word Panama literally means “an abundance of fish”. There have been more IGFA records broken in Pinas Bay than anywhere else in the world- over 170 World Records! Tropic Star Lodge holds over forty world records at the present time! The majority of these records are for black, blue, or striped marlin and Pacific sailfish.

Pinas Bay truly lives up to this meaning. In the waters around the Adventure Unlimited premier lodge, you can catch dolphin, tuna, roosterfish, snapper, grouper, amberjack, rainbow runner, and mackerel. In the last few years, “Pacific” tarpon (which made the trip through the canal) have been caught in the (50) to (100) pound range. Black, blue, and striped marlin, as well as sailfish, are normally “right outside our front door,” making this a truly unique location.

All species of billfish and non-billfish can be caught year-round in the pristine waters off PinasBay. The prime black marlin season runs from December through April. Then the Pacific sailfish move in during April through July. The striped marlin season is considered mid-March through May. July brings another run of marlin- many in the five hundred pound range.

The lodge is a paradise cut out of the side of a mountain at the edge of the Darien Jungle on the Pacific coast of Panama. Spacious cabins and rooms are air-conditioned with a beautiful view of PinasBay. The Lodge has a fresh water swimming pool and bar. A jungle trail has been cut across to La Playa Blanca, where you may enjoy swimming, sunning, and shelling on the beautiful white sand beach.

Accommodations & Pricing

Full Week 6 Days Fishing 7 Nights Lodging.

  • Saturday – FLY TO PINAS BAY
  • Sun Thru Fri – FISH
  • Saturday – FLY TO PANAMA
DECEMBER 07 thru MARCH 08  APRIL thru SEPT. 08
Fishing 4 per boat 4,495.00 pp $3,650.00 pp
Fishing 3 per boat 4,995.00 pp 4,295.00 pp
Fishing 2 per boat 5,995.00 pp 5,150.00 pp
Fishing 1 per boat 9,495.00 pp 8,550.00 pp
Non-fishing dbl. Occup 2350.00 pp 2,250.00 pp
Non-fishing-Single Occup 3,150.00 pp 2,950.00 pp
Palace (sleeps six) 2,800.00 upgrade 2,200.00 upgrade

Partial Weeks
December and April Thru September
(Partial weeks not available during January, February or March)

  December 2007 April thru Sept. 2008 December 2007 April thru Sept. 2008
Fishing 4 per boat 2,750.00 pp $2,550.00 pp 3400.00 pp $3,100.00 pp
Fishing 3 per boat 2,950.00 pp 2,795.00 pp 3,750.00 pp 3,550.00 pp
Fishing 2 per boat 3,450.00 pp 3,100.00 pp 4,500.00 pp 4,150.00 pp
Fishing 1 per boat 5,350.00 pp ,995.00 pp 6,500.00 pp 5,995.00 pp
Non-fish dbl. Occup 1,600.00 pp 1,550.00 pp 1,750.00 pp 1,650.00 pp
Non-fish/Single Occup 1,950.00 pp 1,850.00 pp 2,250.00 pp 2,150.00 pp
Palace(sleeps six) 1,800.00 upgrade 1,400.00 upgrade 2,150.00 upgrade 1,600.00 upgrade