For the last 25 years Zimbabwe has been the most popular destination in Africa for dangerous game safaris. It has always stood out among the other popular African countries because it offers the best value for the money. Over 30 species of game roam the Zambezi Valley concessions, the famous Matetsi safari areas and the Lowveld regions. A healthy safari industry combined with some of the best trained and skilled Professional Hunters on the entire continent have throughout the years been the major contributing factors to thousands of successful safaris. The big game government concessions and conservancies offer excellent hunting opportunities for Elephant, Lion, Cape Buffalo, Leopard and other plains game species while the Lowveld features some of the best plains game and leopard hunting on the entire African continent.

Zimbabwe is still the best value on the African continent for certain combination safaris and dangerous game safaris. We personally return to Zimbabwe each and every year, and will continue to do so.

You have not experienced the best of Africa if you have not hunted in Zimbabwe. The ease of travel, huge species diversity, trophy abundance and quality, along with the culture and people make this country our favorite destination. The indigenous people in Zimbabwe are the happiest and friendliest we have ever encountered in all of our trips to the Dark Continent.

Warning!!! Do not plan a trip to Zimbabwe with or through a professional hunter from any other African country. They will tell you they can legally hunt there, they will tell you they have a “special deal” or tell you just about anything you want to hear to try and get you to book. Be warned that a good number of those trips end in failure and disappointment. Currently there are thousands of hunters’ trophies sitting in warehouses in Zimbabwe because their non-Zimbabwe outfitter did not the appropriate laws and regulations.

Under no circumstance should you subcontract a hunt to Zimbabwe outfitter or professional hunter from another country. U.S. citizens who ignore this warning and book such a hunt will most likely be in violation of the Lacey Act. The only way to be sure you are hunting with a legal operator in Zimbabwe is to book a safari through Adventure Unlimited, Inc. with one of our premiere safari outfitters.

Hunting Season

The hunting season in Zimbabwe is year round, but the busy season usually gets underway in April continues through to the beginning of the rainy season in late November, early December.

Safari Areas

Zimbabwe is home to some of the most famous big game hunting grounds in Africa- the Zambezi Valley, the Escarpment, the Matetsi safari areas, Hwange National Park, the Save Valley Conservancy, the Lowveld and many other great hunting destinations are a but a few of the names that are recognized by every African hunter around the world.

Safari Camps

You will find every variety of safari camp in Zimbabwe from permanent luxury safari camps to the rustic and classic tent-style accommodations. Safari outfitters and professional hunters in Zimbabwe spend huge amounts of money and time employing local craftsmen, thatchers and builders to provide their clients with safari camps that will be scenic and comfortable, if not downright plush and luxurious.

Hunting Methods

The safari hunting in Zimbabwe is principally oriented on tracking and stalking of the game. Vehicles are used to cover the huge hunting areas, but once game or game sign is seen, hunts progress on foot.

Location:Southern Africa, between South Africa and Zambia
Area:390,580 sq km slightly larger than Montana
Border Countries:
Climate:tropical; moderated by altitude; rainy season
Terrain:mostly high plateau with higher central plateau (high veld); mountains in east