Zambia is one of the finest, if not the best, dangerous game hunting grounds in Africa.  There are 18 National Parks covering over 14 million acres, and hunting concessions totaling in excess of 34 million acres.  A third of the entire country is set aside to wildlife, which means it is an African safari paradise.

What makes Zambia so distinct from other African hunting destinations is the zoning of land areas around the national parks as game management areas.  These blocks represent protective buffer zones to the national parks putting a safe corridor between the parks and community areas.  The free movement of animals between the parks and the game management areas ensure a reliable supply of superior trophy animals.  It is here that Zambia hosts foreign hunters from all over the world who seek to stalk their trophies and experience the adventures of a great hunt.  Zambia’s major river valleys, her Kalahari bushveld to the southwest, plateau woodlands throughout the interior, as well as her swamps and extensive floodplain savannahs provide one of the most exceptional and exciting selections of trophy animals to be found in a single African nation, totally some 35 different species.

Do not try to book a safari in Zambia on your own.  You need to book a safari through Adventures Unlimited with a reputable professional hunter who is a legitimate leaseholder, or a professional hunter that hunts for one of the leaseholders.  There are several fly-by-night operators, especially from South Africa, that will tell you they can book you a Zambian safari and in truth cannot deliver.  Be warned.  Safaris in this Garden of Eden are going for top prices right now, but it is money well spent.

We work with several of the best hunting operations in Zambia in the Luangwa Valley, the Kafue area, and the Zambezi Valley and other remote concessions for specialized game.  We work with Nyampala Safaris, Muchinga Adventures Ltd, , Luawata Conservation, Hunters and Guides Ltd, Vidale Zafaris and Wildcat Safaris.

With our strong connections in Zambia we are able to offer the most hunting opportunities in prime concessions, and the largest quotas of lion, leopard and Cape buffalo in this country.

Safari Areas

Hunting concessions in Zambia are referred to as GMA’s or Game Management Areas. They are among the finest safari hunting grounds in all of Africa, and are closely controlled by both the outfitters and the Zambian Wildlife Authority. There are three primary hunting regions in Zambia which are listed in detail below.

The eastern part of the country is home to the famous Luangwa Valley. It is vast catchment that funnels down a 200 mile long valley with a widely meandering Luangwa River flowing down the middle. The Luangwa is famous for is big lion, big leopard, huge herds of buffalo, and it variety of plains game. The Lusemfwa River Valley is a smaller version of the Luangwa that runs through the Luano game management area, and to the east lies the Zambezi Valley where hunting is also possible near the confluence of the Luangwa and Zambezi Rivers.

In south-central Zambia there is a large national park, almost the size of Connecticut, called the Kafue National Park. Surrounding it are eight game management areas, which together with the national park represent the largest single wildlife reserve in Africa. Interspersed with woodlands, thickets, savannahs and moist grassy areas called dambos; this area of Zambia provides diverse selections of big game trophies that guarantee thrilling and challenging safari conditions. These hunting blocks produce excellent lion, leopard, buffalo, sable and many other species.

Zambia’s wetland areas provide unrivaled hunting opportunities for the Black Lechwe, Red Lechwe and Sitatunga. Bangweulu Swamp is home to the black lechwe with number reaching over 30,000 and offering excellent trophy quality. The Bangweulu floodplains also provide hunters an opportunity to hunt some of the biggest Cape buffalo in Africa.

Much less known to the international hunting fraternity is the West Zambezi, a vast region of floodplains, Kalahari sandveld, and patches of woodland. Back in the mid to late 70’s and early 80’s this region produced the most magnificent trophy lion in Africa- all huge bodied with jet black manes, the true lion trophies of the golden age. It has not been well hunted in recent years due to the spill-over effect of the armed conflict in Angola which contribute to massive outbreaks of poaching. With the cessation of hostilities in Angola and determined law enforcement by some anti-poaching game scouts, hunters will hopefully be able to look forward to hunting this region in the not too distant future as the game populations are starting to recover.

There are many differences with the areas above. Each has its own special qualities, game conditions and game availability. We will custom tailor a safari to suit your exact needs based on the game you seek, your budget and your physical condition.

Safari Camps

The Zambian Wildlife Authority maintains strict control over safari camp structures in the Game Management Areas. Accordingly, safari camps are usually built out of local materials consisting of thatch and stone (non-permanent), or classic canvas tents. The camp builders over the years have become master craftsmen turning nature’s bounty into beautiful hunting accommodations.

Hunting Methods

The safari hunting in Zambia is principally oriented on tracking and stalking of the game. Vehicles are used to cover the huge reserves, but once game or game sign is seen, hunts progress on foot.

Location:Southern Africa, east of Angola
Area:total: 752,614 sq km, slightly larger than Texas
Border Countries:Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
Climate:tropical; modified by altitude; rainy season (October to April)
Terrain:mostly high plateau with some hills and mountains