Hunting Namibia is one of the most exciting safaris in Southwest Africa.

Once the German colony of Southwest Africa, Namibia is a paradise for plains game hunters and dangerous game hunters alike. Low safari fees, and organized outfitters make this a great destination for both the first time African hunter and the seasoned pro. The country is probably the most travel friendly destination on the continent for the African hunter looking for a hassle free hunting safari. We work with several of the top professional hunters in Namibia and boast over 2 million acres of various hunting concessions and game reserves where the animals are indigenous and the best trophies are found. These areas comprise mostly of bush-covered plains to rolling hills. Dangerous game is hunted in the famous Caprivi Strip where trophy quality elephant, buffalo and lion are available. Namibia is an ideal destination for hunters who would like to experience the optimal dangerous game hunting in the Caprivi Strip combined with the high game populations and specie diversity commonly found on the private game reserves.

History and Description of Namibia

South Africa occupied the German colony of South-West Africa during World War I and administered it as a mandate until after World War II, when it annexed the territory. In 1966 the Marxist South-West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO) guerrilla group launched a war of independence for the area that was soon named Namibia, but it was not until 1988 that South Africa agreed to end its administration in accordance with a UN peace plan for the entire region. Namibia won its independence in 1990 and has been governed by SWAPO since. Hifikepunye POHAMBA was elected president in November 2004 in a landslide victory replacing Sam NUJOMA who led the country during its first 14 years of self rule.

Location:Southern Africa, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Angola & South Africa
Area:825,418 sq km, slightly more than half the size of Alaska
Border Countries:Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia
Climate:Desert; hot, dry; rainfall sparse and erratic
Terrain:Mostly high plateau; Namib Desert along coast; Kalahari Desert in east