Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Highlights of our hunt. Our leopard hunt was a dream come true.  John Hunt is a true expert in leopard hunting.  He positioned me for the best possible opportunity to take a leopard. All I had to do was to make the shot. It was an experience I will never forget.  What a beautiful animal.”

Craig B., WY

“Thank you so much for our wonderful safari in Zimbabwe this past May. We could not have had a better time. John Hunt and his wife Debbie, from Georgia Safaris did an outstanding job of making our safari successful and we enjoyed every moment of our trip. We were successful taking a large leopard, a very large buffalo, a couple of zebra, bushbuck, duiker, bushpig, giraffe, eland and jackal. We could not have done this without your efforts and we truly appreciate everything you did to make our trip a success. From our initial conversation to the follow up after our return home, you made sure every aspect of our trip was perfect. You definitely know your business and have excellent safari outfitters that are not only excellent professional hunters, but are also very friendly and enjoyable to just be around. This is very important when you are traveling to a foreign country, especially a place like Zimbabwe, and going to spend possibly two weeks or more with them. We felt comfortable with our outfitter from the start and when we left we felt like family and hope to visit again someday with Georgia Safaris. Adventures Unlimited is a first class booking agency and you are truly Africa safari hunting experts. I have dreamed my entire life of traveling to Africa to hunt leopard and had done significant research over that time to ensure that I would have the best chance for success when I finally booked my leopard safari. These years of research ultimately led me to Adventures Unlimited. Thanks so much for making this lifelong dream a reality. We look forward to seeing you early next year at the DSC and/or SCI conventions.”

George B., PA

“Booking a safari today may be done directly or through an agent. My first hunt was with a friend who had booked several hunts through Adventure Unlimited, with whom I booked all eights of my African hunts. Adventure Unlimited has many options to offer depending on your budget and the type safari. Many details must be worked out after you make your decision. Adventure Unlimited shines in this area. They have many years of experience with outfitters and PHs all over Africa. Any questions you have will be answered. They work closely with your travel agent, outfitter, PHs and export agent for your trophies. They are on your side from beginning to end and their fee is a great value for what you get. The advantages of using Adventure Unlimited as your agent far outweigh any possible drawbacks. I give John and Merrona my highest recommendation.”

Harold S., AR

“I have known John Barth for approximately 15 years. I was his first client at Adventure Unlimited. He also booked hunts for me at another booking agency where he was introduced to me by his prior employer.During this time, John has sent me many places including Texas, California, Alaska, the Yukon, British Columbia, Argentina, New Zealand, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana, China and probably some others. I have hunted so many species that I am not even sure that I can list them all. A few of the main species are lion, leopard, rhino, cape buffalo, elephant, various mountain sheep, various ibex, ducks and MANY more.I have found John to be a very knowledgeable, well informed, concerned about his clients and above all honest. His integrity is beyond reproach. John has saved me on more than one occasion by going to bat for me over whatever the issues might be. For example, sudden government closure of hunting. He is highly intelligent and incredibly perceptive on the issues involved in international hunting. This is of great value to his clients and to me in particular. He has even helped me with personal friends of mine that had gotten themselves into bad hunts that he had nothing to do with.Frankly, I can go wherever I want and hunt with whoever I want. I ALWAYS go to John. There is no better booking agent in my opinion. I am happy to be a personal reference for John & Adventure Unlimited.”

William S., FL

“When I began to take my international sport hunting seriously, I basically phone interviewed all the booking agents that had advertisements in the “Safari Times”. John Barth was the only one that took the time to listen to my story and take an active role in my hunting pursuits. I was a novice, I had basically hunted South Africa a couple times, knew I wanted to continue to hunt Africa. But I didn’t know where to start, where to hunt for Lions, Leopards, Elephants, etc. and with whom.I have always felt that who you hunt with is as, if not more important than where you hunt. John has the contacts, knows the countries and knows how to put the hunter, in the right places, at the right times for those two lines, preparation & opportunity to cross at that point we all call “luck”. My most recent, and for sure my most complex safari was a 21 day trip to C.A.R. for both Lord Derby Eland and Bongo. I wanted to go in 2011, John intervened and convinced me that the most advantageous dates for this trip were not available in 2011; we must wait till January, 2012. This would assure the proper moon phase for Bongo and the optimum black cape (rut) on the LDE. The pictures tell you the results. From suggesting putting trophy fee monies in escrow to recommending air travel routes, safety measures, even rifle recommendations and keeping engaged in the trophy shipping process.  A credible and engaged hunt booking specialist, Adventures Unlimited is mandatory for those who invest as much passion and time into their hunting as I do. Please feel at ease to call me for a reference.”

Steve A., AZ

“I have hunted extensively for the past 10 years in many African countries, the South Pacific, and North America. John Barth of Adventure Unlimited has been my exclusive booking agent. I have successfully hunted the Big 5 more than 4 times including both rhino species (darted). I have taken 70+ pound elephant twice and black manned lion twice. I have successfully hunted all of the spiral horned antelope including 20 subspecies. If I were to apply, I have achieved Safari Club’s Animals of Africa at a Diamond level. John always puts me in the right place at the right time.”

Robert L., MN

“I am French and I was looking for a big Elephant in Botswana after looking on the web. I choose Adventure Unlimited it was not easy for me to send a deposit from France to an outfitter I didn’t know, but John Barth answered at all my questions each day and each night I decided to trust him every thing were perfect. The organization, the camp, the safari it was most beautiful camp I ever seen in Africa. The PH and the trackers were very professional. We kill a 75lbs bull in the top five of the Botswana that year there were plenty elephants and buffalos but the PH want a very big one for me and after 8-days we find the phenomenal bull 75 and 74 regular a dream. One year later I asked John to hunt Elephant but at a low price and he proposed I do a PAC Elephant hunt in Zimbabwe with Thys deVries. This was the most exciting hunt I have ever done and now each year I do this hunt during the night with the full moon following elephants in the crops is fantastic this is the best of adrenaline you can try. Be careful it’s dangerous. I refer a friend to John Barth no problem. Thank you John congratulations you give me another way to hunt big game in Africa.”

Alain L., FRANCE

“I have used Adventure Unlimited on a number of excursions on three continents.  John has an uncanny ability to place his client with the right outfitter.  My expectations are always surpassed.   My wife and I just returned from a great trip in Zimbabwe and are looking forward to our next hunting trip in Alaska, that we booked through Adventure Unlimited. John knows his outfitters well and has such a wide variety of hunts we use him exclusively and plan to continue this. Adventure Unlimited staff is unquestionably the best and is there every step of the way, both before and after the hunt.”

Dewey M., TX

“John Barth, Merrona Carlsson, and Adventure Unlimited have coordinated over half a dozen trips for me in Africa and other parts of the world. Their attention to detail is what differentiates them from other booking agents. The other attribute that sets them apart is their ability to listen to the client, and then propose various options for consideration. They have a vast network of outfitters in various countries, contacts with travel agents, import/export agents, and taxidermists. They use their experience to help the client so that he or she does not have to spend countless hours researching these resources. While it is always nice to have a successful hunt and collect the game you are seeking, it is equally important to enjoy yourself in the company of the outfitter. I have become personal friends with each and every outfitter with whom I have hunted, and often make plans to spend time with them at the various hunting shows. There is a lot to be said for that kind of track record, and it speaks to the core principles to which John Barth and his staff adhere when taking on a client. There is none better.”

Mort H., TN