The Lion.  The King of the Beasts.  The most dangerous predator in Africa.

There is no doubt that the African lion is by far the most highly regarded and sought after trophy in Africa.  And a trophy lion, whether it be blond or black maned, is the most difficult trophy a hunter can seek today.

Adventure Unlimited continues to set the standard for trophy lion hunts.  Our team of professional hunters in Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa produce mature lions for our clients.  These lion hunting safaris are the most sought after trips we offer, and we are currently booking clients up to 2 and 3 years in advance.

If you want a big maned Lion in your collection don’t wait any longer.  Each year you put off making a Lion safari can add approximately 20% to the cost of the hunt.  Adventure Unlimited has great hunts for free range Lions in Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa at very competitive prices.

Whether you want to hunt the savanna in Tanzania, the bushveld of Zambia and Zimbabwe or the free ranging preserves bordering Kruger in South Africa, Adventure Unlimited can help you bag a great Lion.

Adventure Unlimited Professional Hunters have the best track record in their areas.  Their extremely high success rate is due to their strictly managed concessions and the fact that they take only a handful of hunters into their areas each year.

We personally believe that we only have a limited time left that we can hunt lion.  At the current rate and without further conservation efforts on the part of the hunting industry, lion hunting has only a few remaining years before it is closed throughout the entire African continent.  If you want to hunt a lion you need to make plans now, not two or three years down the road.