Unique & Exotic Safaris

Benin is an often overlooked country with fantastic Western Savannah Buffalo and Roan. 7 day safaris including trophy fees- $14,384

Cameroon has Bongo, Lord Derby Eland, Forest Elephant, Dwarf Buffalo, Sitatunga and more. 7 to 21 day safaris available starting at $22,900 plus trophy fees, licenses and transfers.

Liberia is open, and offers some great opportunities at some amazing trophies like the rare Zebra Duiker, Yellow-back Duiker, Jentink Duiker and Ogilby Duiker, as well as big game species like Bongo and Forest Duiker.

Ethiopia offers both magnificent hunting for species like the rare Mountain Nyala as well as one of the most diverse cultural safari experiences on the African continent. We have Mt. Nyala available for 2014.

Zambia Is Open

For Buffalo, Sable, and other game in select reserves.



Botswana Closed?

Not for plains game hunting at one of our huge reserves.